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7 Accessories You Must Pack While Travelling in a Caravan

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Imagine you are sitting near the window of a motorhome, sipping your cup of hot herbal tea. The view outside is of lush green pastures and in the background are the snow-clad mountains. Suddenly you find a good spot for chilling and as you stop to plant your hammock in the open air, you realise that you forgot to pack the hammock. This may easily ruin the feels you had just a while back while drinking your tea.


To save you from that trouble, we have prepared a list of seven accessories that are essential to pack while on a trip in a Motorhome:


Anti-bacterial Sanitiser And Wet Wipes: Whilst these might be a normal inclusion for general travel, they are a great item to have readily accessible in the motorhome.?


Portable lighting: If you are planning to free camp or stay on unpowered sites, lighting can sometimes be an issue. While a motorhome might have a good lighting setup inside, this isn’t always the case outside.


Hammock: Whiling away an afternoon snoozing in the sun or reading your favourite book, it’s made all the more comfortable when done in a hammock. Trips are for chilling out after all, right?


Earplugs And Eye Masks: These items are a must for those who have a very sensitive sleeping time. And they are must because having a good sleep goes a long way while you’re on the roads.


Mosquito repellents: It is a must-have item that you must not forget to pack in. A mosquito repellent cream or spray comes handy when you are camping in a forest or going for a trek.


Portable charger: Though a motorhome does have electricity to keep your gadgets charged but when you are far off from your motorhome, a portable charger is necessary. After all, no one wants there phone or cameras to switch off due to low battery while having a photo session at a beautiful spot.


Bicycle locks/small locks: You must remain ultra conscious while on a road trip. Take along a bicycle lock or a small lock to keep your luggage in place and safe.