Siddharth Laghate

I came across a real blissful venture by Carvaa India as soon as I began planning for my trip right after the first lockdown ended. I was in search of something which could boost up my travel experience and they showed up right in time along with the impeccable option of caravan travel. I had never been so ecstatic and astounded with the services that the caravan offered, it had a small kitchenette which allowed us to cook in between our travels. We also camped around midnight in the tents they provided. It was an overjoying experience and travel experiences like these make you more grounded to nature and let you find a connection with yourself.

Siddharth Laghate, Traveler

Tosh Kothari

It is an absolutely unique experience travelling in a caravan and personalizing your trip to such an extent. The interiors are comfortable and designed with functionality at the helm. It was so blissful to stop at these random picturesque spots to cook and enjoy the views while sipping a cup of coffee! You can move at your own pace, take detours and explore places in ways idiosyncratic to the conventional norms of travelling. The caravan was spick and span when we received it. Everything was as promised and these folks were so accommodative with all the trivial requests/enquiries I made. Also, the driver was friendly (not nosy) and made sure that we did not face any issues. I did it once and cannot wait to do it again. As famously said, the journey is more important than the destination and Carvaa lets you experience exactly that!

Tosh Kothari, Traveler

Aditya Bohra

This was one of the impromptu adventures that we did last year after a long lockdown. And boy O boy, it turned out to be amazing. Me and 4 of my friends hired this beautiful Caravan from Carvaa India and we went on a road trip from Jodhpur to Kumbhalgarh. Everything about the journey was so raw and exciting. The caravan made us feel like the home is exactly where we are with the people we love, no matter what the location. This was my first caravan experience and I can tell you this - if you get a chance, hire this beauty and just go for it. It will make you feel more alive than ever!

Aditya Bohra, Traveler

Yash Joshi

I came across Carvaa Travelers while planning for my first trip with my college friends. We stayed in the van for 8 days and every day it was better than the previous one. The space inside the caravan is comfortably cosy, the kitchenette is the best part inside it. We found all the utensils in it, we carried our ration and halted at a beautiful spot to camp and cook. The best part according to me was the adventure and thrill that the Caravan provided us. Never imagined my first trip with my friends would be so wonderful. Thanks to Carvaa! Cheers!

Yash Joshi, Traveler