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5 reasons why travelling in a Caravan in India is a brilliant idea

How does the idea of travelling across the country by road sound to you? If you decide to take the road then you definitely need the right vehicle to ensure that you travel safely and comfortably. That’s where Motorhome or motorhomes come into the picture. Already popular in some countries outside of India, the culture of Motorhome is still new but soaring in India.


Travellers in India have started to let go of the conventional ways of travelling and are showing good interest in experiential travel. Here’s why travelling in a Motorhome across India is a brilliant idea:



1. You will feel a sense of independence when you get to explore different places while on road??


2. A Motorhome will be your home away from home, without compromising on comfort. The traveller in you will not get homesick whilst exploring the deep woods or the high-altitude mountains because these campervans balance that wonderful home vibe pretty well??


3. In times when the mode of living is getting progressively expensive, Motorhomes are one-time investments. It is a cost-effective alternative, as you will be saving a lot on hotel room tariff and restaurant bills?


4. Your entire luggage, from clothes to your camping equipment, will easily fit into the Motorhome. So you don’t have to worry about leaving stuff behind due to overflowing bags or exceeding luggage weight?


5. The best part is that you can travel with your pets


Lastly, keep an open mind while you’re driving and hiking. If you see something interesting, stop. Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom the Motorhome provides.