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Caravanning - To Plan or not to plan

When going on a holiday, an itinerary is one of the foremost things to get planned out. The list includes all the spots you would want to visit, your options for stay, budgets and it goes on. But when it comes to caravanning, you can experiment a little; break away from the usual planning that gets done for a trip. With many states in India opening up caravan itineraries for travellers, here’s how you can plan your next trip on the road. 



Caravanning, like any other holiday, definitely requires a plan. It would be unwise to hit the road for long periods of time without any kind of schedule or structure. That could lead to unnecessary confusion and stress; which could result in missing pre-planned destinations. But it is also an experience that can sometimes be played by the ear and with the help of a bare-bones structure. 


For starters, mapping out your desired route is an efficient way to set down the boundaries of the places you plan to explore. Once you have your route locked in, you can move ahead and design an itinerary based on the places you want to visit while you’re on the road. It would also be advisable to plan your trip keeping seasonal changes in mind, as the weather might change topographically. Try to keep this schedule somewhat free in spots, because as you hit the road, there will be ample opportunities where it would be easy to get sidetracked by attractions that you might not have factored in. 



Caravanning, by nature, comes attached with a sense of exploration and freedom to branch out of the usual. If it’s your first time venturing out with a caravan it would be best to strike a balance between a planned itinerary of things that can’t be missed along with ample time in between to just be wanderers in the truest sense on roads untraveled.