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6 holiday ideas that you never get outdated

There are some places too enchanting to ever slip out of travellers' mind. Keeping that in mind, here’s the list of 6 classic holiday ideas that will never go out of style:


Snorkelling at Andaman and Nicobar


Being one of the most beautiful island groups in the world and offering affordable travel, it's not hard to tell that Andaman and Nicobar will remain a hit for a long time. Hill, jungle sea beach, adventure in form scuba and snorkelling, makes Andaman and Nicobar a must-visit. P.S. Crystal clear water at clean beaches will make your day.


Chilled out vacation in Goa


When it comes to the West Coast of India, the first beach destination that anyone can think of is Goa! Goa is known to all the party lovers. It is a haven for water sports especially for the high adrenaline escapade seeking youth who are in the pursuit of fun. Some activities include parasailing, water skiing, dinghy sailing and scuba diving. Serene beaches, chilled out lifestyle and awesome food are some of the reasons why Goa will remain evergreen.


Cultural and heritage fix at Jaipur


Rajasthan is a quiet place and close to history and nature. So one can enjoy history and nature at the same time still with the feeling of being in the 21st century. A history lesson in itself, Jaipur is a remnant of the royalty that it played host to once upon a time. Some places never get old and Jaipur is one of them.


Adventurous time at Leh Ladakh


The land of peace, monasteries, mountain passes and frozen lakes, Leh Ladakh is full of challenges and surprises at every turn. Relatively less frequented by the tourists, it's fast gaining popularity as a great tourist spot. And like they say, Leh Ladakh is not a destination, it's a journey.


A visit to Kashmir just to de-stress


Kashmir is indeed heaven on earth. Who will argue with that Enclosed by the snow-clad mountains and the gleaming lakes creates a picturesque landscape on earth which is known as Kashmir. The state has a long list of places which reflects the nature’s beauty at its best which cannot be missed by any traveller.


Discovering the Thar sand dunes at Kutch


One of the most popular destinations when it comes to discovering oneself and enjoying time in peace, Kutch is getting even more popular owing to the increasing popularity of the Rann Utsav.