Madhurai to Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

Madhurai to Kodaikanal (Tamil Nadu)

Madurai airport to Kodaikanal: 3 hours by road 


Distance: 135kms 


Kodaikanal is a hill station located in Tamil Nadu. The oft spoken about hill station comes up in conversation every time anyone thinks of venturing into the great outdoors down south in India. Wrapped in lush greens and an evergreen fog that envelops the surroundings, Kodaikanal has been a tourist hot spot for years now. Over the past few years, the hill station has gained more popularity among the younger demographic with various activities sprouting up all over the place. 


Here are some of the attractions you can visit in Kodaikanal:




Named after a famous Kamal Hassan movie called Guna, the Guna Caves in Kodaikanal are an absolute delight for thrill seekers. Located on the outskirts of Kodai, the caves are known to be formed by pillar rocks, with their peculiar shapes that support the entire cave system. While the interiors of the caves are restricted for people to enter, traversing the surrounding of the caves is a thrill in itself. The best time to visit the caves would be close to winter, as the weather is much more forgiving on those trying to navigate the topography of the caves. 




On the way to Guna Caves, if you keep your eyes peeled, you will come across the famous Pine Forest of Kodaikanal. The forest which is dotted with an endless stretch of the towering pine trees is a breathtaking view to take in. The forest has been privy to many South Indian film shoots over the years and is a picture perfect backdrop for a casual stroll. You can also spot some wildlife like deer prancing through the woods, which adds a whole new layer to the already mystical forest. 




If you’re in the mood to get your trekking shoes on and traverse to a vantage point with incredible views, Dolphin’s Nose is the perfect pick. This 3-km trek is the perfect balance of challenging and easy-going with a payoff that makes the effort worth it. The peak, as the name suggests resembles that of a dolphin’s nose and is a snapshot worthy finale after the trek. Once you get to the peak, it is surrounded by an expansive canopy of green rolling hills. If you visit this place during the rainy season or winters, the added fog and mist gives the place an allure that is incomparable. 




When in need of some downtime roaming through Kodaikanal, Coaker’s Walk should be your ideal way to unwind. This one kilometer walkway is built in a way that snakes around the landscape while providing endless vistas of the hills that Kodai is known for. The walkway is situated close to Kodaikanal Lake and effortlessly segues into other activities that you can do at the lake. The best time to visit Coaker’s would be in the early hours of the day, when the crowds are much lesser and there’s a tranquility that envelops the whole area.