Delhi To Chitkul

Delhi To Chitkul

First Destination: Delhi to Shimla

Distance: 350 kms

Approx time: 9 hours


The present capital of Himachal Pradesh and the former summer capital of Colonial India, Shimla has been gifted with all the bounties of nature which one can think of. Surrounded by lush-green hills with snow-capped peaks and scenic locations, Shimla magnetically attracts the people from all across the globe.


Things to do in Shimla:


Viceregal Lodge: The majestic Viceregal Lodge also called Rashtrapati Niwas is like a mini museum of British colonial rule and houses a collection of ancient antiques and photographs from that period.


Be a passenger of Toy Train: The historic Kalka Shimla Toy Train is on the bucket list of most people travelling to that region. Riding on the train gives a joy unlike any other. The mesmerising route takes 4 hours and 40 minutes to complete.


Walking through the Pine forest: One of the most awe inspiring places to be is the Summerhill area of Shimla. It is located just 4.5 km from the bus stand. Just bring a book along and wander between the tall pine trees for hours and hours amidst nature.


Chadwick waterfall: It is located at a distance of 10 km from Shimla and is 1,586 m above the sea level. The route to the waterfall through the jungle is fantastic and makes it a must-go destination.


Second destination: Shimla to Sangla

Distance: 230 km

Approx Time: 8 hours


In the Baspa Valley, this quaint little town, Sangla, will win you over, courtesy - its immense charm and personality. You’ll fall in love with the light-heartedness of Sangla Valley and that soul of adventure within itself. The added bonus of forested slopes in the greater Himalayan range only exemplifies the Pahadi charm of the place.


Things to do and see in Sangla:


Baspa River: Baspa is a fast flowing river. It passes through the Sangla hills making the place even more beautiful. Rainbows and brown touts can be seen on either side of the river. This river is home to a wide variety of fishes.


Kamru Fort: Kamru fort is located at a distance of 2 km from Sangla. It is situated at a height of 2600 m above the sea level. It is a good architectural example of Sangla’s past. This fort has now been converted into a temple of Goddess Kamakhya Devi.


Sangla Meadow: Also known as the Sangla Kanda, Sangla Meadow is another place blessed with the wishes of mother nature. The beautiful green meadow with the snow-capped Himalayan ranges surrounding it is a perfect treat to the eyes.


Bering Nag Temple: This belongs to the religious tourist attractions category. Bering Nag temple is another outstanding example of the architectural past of the place. A popular fair called the Fulaich fair is held here yearly, between the months of August and September.


Last destination: Sangla to Chitkul

Distance: 24 km

Approx time: 1.5 hours


Things to do and see in Chitkul:


Last Dhaba of India - Akhri Dhaba: Situated on the banks of Baspa river in the Baspa valley lies the last dhaba of India near the Indo-Tibetian border in the Chitkul valley. It is located at a height of 3500 m and it serves delicious local cuisine and snacks for the hungry travelers.


Chitkul Fort: The Chitkul fort looks like a watchtower. Covered in intricate wooden carvings, the fort is one of the main attractions of this small village after the Chitkul temple complex.

Hydro Flour Mill: This flour mill is used by the villagers who are very proud to have it. It has been created in a small settlement and hydro power is used to operate the flour mill.